Just because a food says “diet,” that doesn’t mean it’s good for weight loss efforts. Scripps Health weight management experts weigh in high-calorie culprits.

Source: www.scripps.org

Check out the short but informative read.  It will help you avoid some common dieting mistakes we should all be aware of.  Drinking Diet Soda, Eating the wrong type of fruit (form & serving size matter), Packaged “Diet” Foods with misleading labels, restaurant bought hummus and vegetable dips, and some wraps can all sabotage your dieting program.  Personally, my biggest challenge comes from diet soda.  Your body’s natural response to the taste of sweet foods (even in the absence of sugar) often leads to the release of insulin, and storage of abdominal fat.  This scripps.org article will give you details on this subject, and much more.

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