Get Your Groove Back


Specially designed for moms.

Let’s face it – when we begin our journey into motherhood, everything changes and one of those changes is that we often begin to neglect ourselves – sometimes we let ourselves go.

We slow down or completely stop putting energy into caring for ourselves. We stop working out, we stop eating right, and sometimes we don’t take time to pretty ourselves up before getting out the door.

This is often absolutely necessary for a while, especially in the very beginning. Yet there is a time we all reach where we look up in the mirror, and realize that something has got to change.

Get Your Groove Back is a program that will empower you with all the tools so you can get that sense of self confidence back! That empowering feeling of self love and care! The program includes the following:

Here are the details:

Monthly Custom Nutrition Plan:

  • 30-minute Initial SKYPE or Telephone consultations
  • Customized meal plans (based on your tastes, caloric needs and goals)
  • Weekly itemized shopping list
  • Bi-weekly assessments (measurements, weight and mood will be evaluated)
  • Unlimited email and messaging support (answered within 24 hours)

Monthly Custom Exercise Plan:

  • A customized exercise plan that fits your schedule and is created to meet your goals
  • Home and/or gym options available
  • Unlimited email support (answered within 24 hours)

Investment: $50/Week with a 8 week minimum ($400 Initial commitment)



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