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When I was 15 years old, I immigrated to the United States with my mother and twin sister. We moved to Houston, Texas and expected it to be like in the movies with lots of horses, tumbleweeds, and cowboy hats. Surprisingly, Houston was a bustling city with a huge focus on the Oil and Gas Industry.

This took some getting used to because it was so different from Taganrog, Russia. But, we soon felt right at home, because of the warm southern hospitality of my fellow Texans. The people we met were kind, and generous, and went out of their way to help my sister and I. One thing that helped us a lot was being able to continue our martial arts training. We found a great Tae Kwon Do Academy and our martial arts never skipped a beat. I enjoyed sparing and was able to continue competing at a national level.

One day I came home from school, and to my mother observed that I was getting pretty skinny. She encouraged me to join a gym (to put it nicely). After my first workout, I fell in love. I really enjoyed this new type of training and my body responded quickly.

After a few months, a personal trainer approached me and asked if I competed. He explained that he was referring to bodybuilding and I became very curious. I went home, did some research, and attended the next bodybuilding competition in my area. It was great. I envisioned myself on the stage just like the other athletes. And, soon I was there.

Fitness became my passion, I studied nutrition in college, became an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and began my career in bodybuilding ultimately becoming an IFBB professional.

And, now I get to share my passion and pass along my knowledge and experience. I really enjoy helping others discover the benefits of living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

IFBB Competitive History
  • 10th Place - IFBB Bikini

    IFBB Miami Muscle Beach Pro 2015

  • 14th Place - IFBB Bikini

    IFBB Pittsburgh Pro 2015

  • 4th Place Overall - IFBB Professional Bikini

    IFBB/NPC Ferrigno Legacy Expo 2014

  • 3rd Place Overall - IFBB Professional Bikini

    IFBB/NPC Iron Games 2014

  • 5th Place Overall - IFBB Professional Bikini

    IFBB Phoenix Europa Games 2014

  • IFBB PBW Tampa Pro 2013

    16th Place Overall - IFBB Professional Figure

  • 6th Place Overall - IFBB Professional Figure

    IFBB Houston Pro 2012

  • 8th Place Overall - IFBB Professional Figure

    IFBB Valenti Gold Cup Pro 2012

  • 3rd Place Overall - IFBB Professional Figure

    IFBB Dallas Europa Supershow 2012

Fitness Modeling & Endorsement Opportunities

Fitness Modeling & Sponsorship/Endorsement Opportunities

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Are you looking for a spokesmodel or representative for your company? I love spreading the word of health and fitness. I am a very outgoing, fun person and I love to work with people with positive attitudes.
I have a large fan base and have over 200,000 hits a month on my social media pages and website. Feel free to stop by my facebook, instagram pages and check them out!!!
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For inquiries, please contact my agent:
Ty K. Debique
(832) 247-9520
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